Avening Primary School

Playground Patrollers

At the end of Year 5, all children take part in 'peer mediation training', led by Mrs Amos, which helps them to acquire assertiveness skills needed to support others to solve minor disagreements peacefully. Throughout the school we encourage children to develop peaceful conflict resolution skills and to use an 'I-statement' to solve their problems. Peer mediation training enhances these skills.

Once training is complete, in Year 6 the children are able to volunteer to become lunchtime 'Playground Patrollers'. We were delighted that all of our current Year 6 children volunteered for the position! The Playground Patrollers, on a rota basis, patrol the playground, supporting the younger children to have happy playtimes. They are trained to record any intervention on a clipboard and, if things get 'too hot to handle', they refer cases to one of our Midday Supervisors who takes over the mediation if necessary. Mrs Amos keeps a close eye on how things are going and holds regular meetings with our Playground Patrollers to discuss any issues.

Pupil conferencing and pupil questionnaires this year both highlighted the good job Playground Patrollers are doing. Well done Year 6!