The Hawks class is for our Year 3 and Year 4 children. They are taught by Mr Hall, ably supported by Mrs Wilson and Mr Hatt. 

Autumn 2023 - Feeling Fit/ Ancient Egyptians

This term the Hawks are being scientists, learning about the skeleton, teeth and nutrition. They will be categorising animals and learning about food chains. Later in the term, the children will also be developing their historical knowledge and learn about the Ancient Egpytians. 


Summer 2023 - Le Tour de France

The Hawks are geographers this term, learning about France. They will practice sketching their sketching skills in Art, sketching a bike and develop this work into print. 



Spring 2023 - The Romans

In the Spring term, as historians, the children will learn about the Roman invasion of Britain. In art, they will look at mosaics and the tessellating patterns of a more modern artist, Escher. In DT, the Hawks will look at levers and develop their wood-working skills. 



Autumn 2022 - The Stone Age

In the Autumn term, as historians, the children will be learning about the Stone Age - with a comparison with what else was going on in Ancient Egypt at the same time. As scientists, they will look at rocks and later study electricity.