The Kestrels class is our class of Year 1 and Year 2 children. They are taught by Mr Wilkinson, with the support of teaching assistants Mrs Harris, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Newell.  This class is busy, practical and filled with enthusiastic learners!

Autumn 2023 - Fire!

The children are, amongst other things, historians, artists and scientists this term, as the topic 'Fire!' gets them investigating materials, develop their colour-mixing skills and explore the events of the Great Fire of London.


 Summer 2023 - Dens and Dandelions

In this topic, we are out and about, learning about our natural world as scientists and geographers, and exploring nature as artists. 



Spring 2023 - Superheroes

In this topic, we are historians, finding out about famous people in history. We are designers, making our own superhero wheeled vehicle. 



Autumn 2022 - In and Around Avening

As geographers and historians, this term the class are studying our local area in their topic 'In and Around Avening'. As scientists, they will be thinking about seasonal changes. As artists, they will be looking at landscapes and working with textiles. In RE, the children will begin with considering what it means to belong to a faith community.


Summer 2022- A Rainforest Adventure

In this topic we are scientists as we learn more about plants and animals. We are also geographers as we study different locations around the world and go on a rainforest adventure!



Spring 2022- Saints, Castles and a Dragon!

In this topic, we are historians and geographers as we find out about castles around the UK. We are also creative artists to design our own dragon eyes.