Avening Primary School

Reading Zone

At Avening Primary School, we aim to foster a love of reading. We have a fantastic library, lead by Alex - our enthusiastic and energetic volunteer librarian and expert in all things bookish! The library is used by each class and is also open after school on Fridays for parents to visit with their children (including our Fledgling pre-schoolers).

In the early years, the teaching of reading is phonic-based (please see the Phonics Zone for more information on our approach to phonics). We use a variety of phonic-based reading material, such as ‘Floppy’s Phonics’, ‘Project X’, ‘Rigby Star’ and ‘Big Cat’, colour-banded according to level of difficulty, as children embark on their journey to become fluent, confident readers. As children become more proficient, they may read in a group or with their whole class, with a focus on certain aspects of comprehension. Staff and volunteers also help children to make appropriate book choices and to broaden their reading horizons.

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