Vision and Aims




Avening Primary School - Vision and Aims

Our vision and aims were written in collaboration with children, staff, parents and governors.

Our classes are all named after birds: Eagles, Kestrels, Hawks and Owls. A poem by Christopher Logue, called ‘Come to The Edge’, about taking risks and learning to fly, inspired our mission statement ‘Together We’ll Fly’;  central to our vision is the premise that if we approach life with a conscientious and optimistic learning attitude, the sky really is the limit!

We have included pictures to summarise key words, so that the vision is accessible to our children, as well as adults associated with the school. The vision links closely to our ‘Golden Rules, Rights and Responsibilities’ and we even have actions to go with each picture, which you may be lucky to see if you come to visit us!          




At Avening Primary School, children, staff and governors aim to treat everyone with respect. Resourceful, resilient and reflective, we will engage in our learning and aspire to be the very best that we can be. As a community of successful learners, we will collaborate to make our world a better place to live and learn. We look forward to our futures with hope.

Together we’ll fly.


This vision underpins our aims which determine our learning journeys at Avening Primary School:



Children, staff and governors are proud of our happy school, where everyone feels safe, included and supported. We aim to treat others with kindness, empathy and tolerance. We strive to be able to negotiate win-win situations and promote peaceful conflict resolution. We will celebrate our differences, but treat one another equally.



Children, staff and governors aim to be a community of engaged achievers, involved in shaping our own learning. We will be self-motivated, resourceful, independent and equipped with life-long learning skills. Staff at Avening aim to be excellent facilitators of learning, aiming to provide an exciting, challenging, outward-looking curriculum which will inspire our whole school community - socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, morally and culturally.


Children, staff and governors aim to achieve the very best we can. We strive to be ambitious, creative problem-solvers, confident to take risks. We hope to be reflective and self-evaluate; we will know how well we are doing and what we need to do next to develop further.


Children, staff and governors aim to learn and develop with others in our school and in our local, national and international communities. We will actively share our skills and knowledge. We strive to be a strong team; we will foster healthy relationships and value our strong partnerships with parents, peers, colleagues and members of the wider community. We aim to communicate confidently face-to-face and through ICT. We will be global citizens. Together, we will seek to make our world a better place to live and learn.


We look forward with optimism and excitement. We will be resilient, responsible and embrace change. We will be aware of local, national and global issues. We will feel empowered and able to make a positive difference to all of our futures. Our possibilities will be endless.



Together we’ll fly.