Work Your Learning Muscles!

To help us work our learning muscles, we have four 'Learning Gym Bags' in each classroom. These belong to our four superhero animal learners, who, along with our wise owl Edward, help us to talk about our learning and exercise our own learning muscles. Alongside the usual  learning objectives, we sometimes identify a learning muscle that we are exercising too!

Four Learning Gym Bags...

 The ‘Aspire’ bag belongs to the spider and contains a mirror, a map, a chain and a stick of glue. Spider reminds us to reflect, plan, make links and persevere.

The ‘Engage’ bag belongs to the rabbit and contains a set of lips, a calculator, a magnifying glass, an eye mask and a clock. Rabbit reminds us to ask questions, be logical, notice, manage distractions and be absorbed in our learning.

The ‘Collaborate’ bag belongs to the bee and contains a set of Russian dolls, a green highlighter, a shoe and a sparkly chain to 'magpie'. Bee makes us think about whether to work alone or with others, to check, to listen and empathise, and to share ideas.

 ‘Hope’ is the caterpillar’s bag and contains a torch, a spanner and a slinky spring. Caterpillar tells us to be a successful learner we must imagine, be resourceful and be flexible.


Guy Claxton’s work on Building Learning Power inspired our Learning Gym bags.


...and Edward the Owls Six Thinking Hats!

Edward, our wise owl, doesn't have a gym bag, but six colourful hats instead! He uses his different coloured thinking hats to help us look at all sides of a problem or issue. He is often used in Collective Worship to help us think about our value in focus. (Edward also helps us to keep e-safe. Have a look at his top tips in the E-safety area.)

Creativity – What ideas have we got?

Facts – What do we know?

Goal – What are our aims?

Feelings – What do we feel?

Problems – What are the drawbacks?

Positives – What are the benefits?  


Edward is named after the author Edward de Bono.